Chapter 13 ~ “The Circles and Squares”
Bearcloud goes to find a quiet place along a creek and runs into a long time friend Singing Wind...


            I packed up my sacred things for a walk down by some stone cliffs near the creek. I wanted to think about it all. A dirt trail led alongside a brook that sang out in flute-like tones as it rolled over the stones. In the distance, near the water’s edge, I saw a woman’s figure sitting with her back perfectly aligned between the earth and sky, as though in council with the creek. Sage from her ceremony floated gently on the water like canoes on the clouds.

“Greetings, relative,” I said, recognizing her as Singing Wind. She looked beautiful sitting there at the edge of the creek in her buckskins beaded with bright symbols, her eagle plume fluttering in the air, the water sparkling all around her as she watched it flow across her toes. “This is a very special place,” I whispered. “The spirits are strong in here. But you must know that, or you wouldn’t be here.”

“Ha!” She chortled. She pulled her arm back, touching her fingertips together. “Bearcloud! Come sit. It’s been a while since we have really sat and talked.” She brushed herself gently with the smoke of some sage and passed it to me. Bending over, she moved some pebbles from the rocky surface next to her to make a place for me to sit. ‘The wind has blown you in like a leaf carrying a song,” she said. “How are you doing? You’ve come to the forest to listen to something, dear friend.”

“Yes.” I glanced over at some ferns hanging across the pool of water. “A lot is crossing my path at the moment. The starglyphs are dancing in my thoughts. It feels like the voices of the ancestors are holding council with the Star Nations. The symbols I’m being shown, Singing Wind, are like golden threads weaving the Great Mystery.”

“Maybe the wind is something you should listen to,” she said with a sunny smile.

“Hmm… .” I watched the sparkles dancing on the water. “I have found harmonic sets of circles and squares within a starglyph. I feel their importance in every cell of my body. I know there’s a meaning, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere in our symbols,” I whispered in a gentle, questioning way.

She looked up at the sky, reflecting. “I don’t think I’ve seen it,” she said, “but I feel I know it, too.” She raised an arm and pointed. “Look there, Bearcloud, there’s an eagle. Maybe its wind will blow across your path and give you eyes to see.” She laid back, propping herself up with her arms, watching the eagle glide on the wind. Its tail feathers seemed to be made of the sun. “Bearcloud,” she continued, “those symbols have been a part of our old ways. You know how we are connected to the ancestors. Those just help remind us of the things we are already connected to. Somewhere in your past, the symbols sang to your ancestors’ hearts. Listen to the wind, Bearcloud; it will sing for you, too.”

“What brings you to this water’s edge?” I asked her.

“I am planning a talk about some of our traditional ways. People are trying to find their way back to understanding the Earth, and I enjoy offering help for their journey. I like to come here; the water talks to me and makes my heart feel good. It tells me what I need to know. I like to dress up for these teachers. They do my spirit good, and I honor them the best way I can. I wish everyone could know these connections, and feel their heart singing.”

“Well, you’d be a good teacher that way.” Looking down at a stone glowing beneath the surface of the water, I brought the fingertips of my two hands together in front of me. “I need to go out into the desert and think about my symbols,” I said. “Maybe the trees there will have something to say.”

“Maybe I will cross your path there.”

“I think this is something I need to do by myself,” I whispered.

“Oh, yes, I do understand, Bearcloud. But when you’re sitting there thinking, maybe you will hear singing wind.”  

“Ah-ho. I will not be alone after all. My relative will be close by, then. It will be good to have company. I will know when you are close by; I am a cloud.”