Chapter 15 ~ “Chameleon Pyramids”
The beginning vision of Bearcloud’s Chameleon Pyramids Vision...


The crowd bustled around, asking about ceremonies, wondering when was I going to do the next one. Their words of appreciation floated to my ears as I packed my things to go.

I glanced up at the roses in the window of my second-story apartment, where I sat sipping on some coffee as I wandered through some photos of starglyphs. One that had appeared the previous year caught my attention. It was a series of interlocking squares that had appeared at a place called West Kennet Long Barrow, one of England’s more ancient sacred places.  *15-6 The image in front of me began to transform into a vision of unusual clouds in a blue sky taking on a geometric form. Strange foliage surrounded what appeared to be a horse-drawn carriage moving slowly out of my field of view. The geometric form morphed before my eyes and then disappeared into the clouds. It reappeared with a watery-looking edge of many interlocked pyramids in the distance, mingling with the essence of clouds and blue sky. If they were as far away as they appeared, they must have been a half-mile high, perhaps a kilometer, making the complex massive beyond comprehension. It was stunning, magical even, like a temple in the sky. For the first time ever as a vision seeker, I felt a vocabulary join the vision, explaining the image in front of me. It was as if someone had sensed my willingness to communicate and responded by helping me to see more clearly. Of course I cannot validate my vision as truth; as with many of the notions that have crossed my path in regard to the Star Nation people, I can only say that it felt like a truth. Since I have been involved with the Star Nation pictographs, many of the visions I have felt this way about have later proven to be accurate. I felt as though the vision I had received in this particular instance was important enough to merit wide communication. Although visions in my traditions are not often shared so openly, every once in a while a vision like this one is understood to be for all people.

The gentle wind that carried this voice explained about the inhabitants of this place in our universe. The series of fracturing squares appearing in the field of West Kennet depicted a family of seventeen interconnected pyramids built by an ancient civilization in another place in our universe. The pyramids were so incomprehensibly vast and beautiful as to mystify the inhabitants of their world, much as we on Earth remain mystified by our own pyramids on the Giza Plateau. The twelve smallest pyramids in the formation were only slightly smaller than the Great Pyramid at Giza. The entire complex stretched for about a mile from one corner to another as I saw it in my vision, and all the pyramids had been created simultaneously from the ground up. All the pyramids were interconnected, yet if one were to go inside, one would see no supports at the places of intersection. The pyramids merged with one another as though by mere agreement, joining into the unified essence of a single structure in the flow of the universe, moving in and out of the corridors of time.

The most unusual thing about the pyramid, and what made it so valuable, was the stone of which it was made. If I were to consider an earthly name for it, I would call it chameleon stone for its ability to adapt to the color of its surroundings. It had another important quality: When a person stood near this chameleon stone, it would reflect the very essence of the person in the form of color. It would do so to very fine degrees, adapting to emotional shifts in the person as long as they remained in its field. It seemed to sense the subtlest energies a person might possess, reflecting back absolute truth in the form of color. These colors could be understood to possess a meaning. People traveled around the universe to enter the halls of the great Chameleon Pyramids in search of understanding and awareness, as they had come to know the value of creating a perfect inner world. The shifting nature of the stone could render it almost invisible, or it might look to a passersby like some spirit. One might even fail to notice it at all.

One approaching the doorway to the central pyramid might see from a distance a distinctive symbol upon its lintel. This symbol had already appeared in the fields at Silbury Hill,  the same year the fracturing squares appeared at West Kennet.   *15-7 When I had first seen the winged circle etched into the fields I’d felt certain it was an emblem of some sort; now, in my vision, I saw it first on the side of a building similar to an airplane hanger, then as a patch on a uniform, and finally coming to rest over the door to the Chameleon Pyramids. (What I find particularly interesting now is that the temples of Egypt include a strikingly similar emblem. But at the time, I had never taken an interest in Egyptian history and had no idea of its existence. The last aspect of the vision of the pyramids was given to me as I sought to look inside the entrance. In the center of the main (parent) pyramid a flame blazed in an unusual manner, sending fingers three hundred and sixty degrees around it. Emanating slowly and hypnotically from a nearly invisible purplish flame, as if suspended in a liquid within a membrane, the flame eventually dissipated into the air. It was almost cool to the touch. It had a subtle purple tinge to it. It was said to have tremendous powers of healing, and to have become a legend around the universe. This mysterious place, however, is coveted and hard to locate. People have sought it’s healing powers for their physical issues and searched the cosmos to heal their loved ones, only to discover for some unknown reason that they are unable to pass through its doors. The flame was intended to carry away any unwanted elements adrift within a person’s essence, but only after they had shifted some qualities of their inner world.
I believe there are multiple pyramid structures throughout the worlds of our universe. I suspect this structure that appeared to me in vision may very well be the parent structure to all the pyramids in the universe.

After this vision was complete, I painted two oil sketches to record the details.   *15-8 I felt the day would come when I would paint large, more detailed paintings of this magical place that seemed to exist on some island in our universe. The unusual series of squares placed near West Kennet seemed to carry the voices of ancestors upon the sacred winds. In my vision of the Chameleon Pyramids, this magical place glowed with the brilliance of galaxies, connecting all worlds together as one. It carried pure qualities of the very essence of which we are made, and attuned perfectly with all who encountered it. It did not judge, nor did it seek to change those who entered its field. It was a mirror of essence. And although it was a construction of the material world, at its center burned an internal flame of healing, a flame of life. It rested at the very core of all that existed, and by virtue of its inner brilliance became the Fourth Fire of the Star Nation people.
I did not realize at the time that this starglyph and the vision that had come to me were setting the stage for an incredible event six years in the future. This series of events would take this vision from what might be seen as a simple dream to the edge of reality. What I saw, I was to learn, may truly exist.