Chapter 21 ~ “Seven Leaves, Seven Stars, Seven Doors”

Bearcloud knew how to understand some ancient artifacts discovered in the pyramids in the late 1800’s. He also felt he saw the excitement the archeologist must have had when the discovery was made...


The air was quiet, the only sound was the hum of my computer. I stared at the silhouette of the Great Pyramid, taking in some of its details, recalling that it was the only pyramid ever built with shafts coming out from the chambers. That reminded me of some unusual details that I had discovered about them. Thinking back to the archeologists who had found their way through the mystical tunnels of the pyramid more than a hundred years earlier, I got a sense of their voices echoing within the stone walls, their urgent whispers suggesting there must be hidden chambers and passages. I could almost hear hammers pounding on the stone in search of hollow walls, almost feel their excitement when a dull thud echoed in the chamber and their suspicions were confirmed. I could hear chips of stone spraying on the floor as their chisels found their way through the stone and broke through to a small shaft that disappeared into the darkness.

The archeologist who discovered the shafts was Waynman Dixon, and the year was 1871. They had been hidden for five thousand years, their access carefully covered with stone to seal them from view. Since the time the shafts in the Queen’s Chamber were built, there had been no access from outside or inside… until, by chance, he discovered the openings. Looking back into antiquity, I could see the ancient Egyptians carefully sealing the shafts with stone to assure they would lie undiscovered and undisturbed until the right time. That time was now, at the beginning of this new age, a new millennium — a time when the world would find itself in need of the ancient secrets, able to see once again beyond the trivial qualities of the everyday world and sense the magic the pyramid had possessed at the time it was built. Only when this alignment occurred would its secrets be revealed. Waynman Dixon broke the seal and freed the air once breathed by Imhotep, the architect, and King Snefru.