Chapter 23 ~ “The Spiritualization of Matter”

Bearcloud begins a series of paintings as Raven enters his circle...


Raven walked up at the instant it began to subside, her face illumined with a smile that spoke of ancient knowing. When she first crossed my path, in an instant she had become an intricate part of the weave of my world and we were as one. The moonlight shimmering on her long black hair turned it into a canvas of stars. Raven was the name given to her by my relative, Flying Around Thunderbird. It was an appropriate name. He carried lightning spirits and magic, and he recognized that in her, too. She had walked into my world and my vision of the Chameleon Pyramids on wings of magic, and the connection I felt to her transcended time. She knew herself well, and always sought the higher roads on her journey. She felt personally connected to the Roman goddess Diana, known as Artemis by the ancient Greeks. Some of the magic Raven walks with may have come from her birth date and time: November eleventh, during the eleventh hour. (11:11:11).

“Greetings,” I said.
“You seem lost in thought.”
“I just had a vision return to me from long ago. Remember the one I told you about, from 1999, of a strange and unearthly pyramidal structure?”
“Yes, I do.”
“I felt that one day it would return, and that I would do full-size paintings of it. That time has arrived.”
“Can you share some of the vision?”
“I think I should put it on canvas, and show you that way. That will really tell the story.”
“You have strong visions, so it will be hard for me to wait and see. To say that you have piqued my curiosity would be a serious understatement.”

I recounted a little of the vision. “It won’t take me long,” I said, “because the vision was so strong and complete.”

I stretched the first of what I thought would be six canvases. The paint went on like magic, lining a landscape I had never seen before. Violets, indigos, and cerulean blues emerged to dominate the night sky. The pyramid structure carried a bluish-green cast that almost disappeared against the night sky, as if it were some transparent apparition.

Within a few weeks the painting was complete. Raven entered my studio in a black dress with blue flowers on it that mimicked the dance of the colors on the canvas. Silence filled the air as she examined the painting, entranced by what she was seeing.   23-4

“That’s unbelievable! And yet… it feels so real,” she whispered. “Where is this place?”

I searched my mind for an answer. “I don’t know,” I said at last. “That’s the one thing I can’t seem to see. It feels as if its veiled, protected in some unknown way.”

“It’s so beautiful,” she said with a smile, holding her fingers under her chin.

“It’s the second time a vision has come with an explanation,” I told her. “The first time was when I had the original vision.”

“Would you tell me about it?”