Chapter 26 ~ “Mystics of the Stars”

Just after Bearcloud spoke to his friend Two Eagles, a pyramid discovery begins to swirl in his vision...


Two Eagles reached over to the table and picked up his cowboy hat and fitted to the top of his head, obviously still mulling over what had been said.
I continued speaking. "There is another thing that ties all of these together: The eight-pointed star. If you look closely, the grid system of the Great Pyramid also has an eight-pointed star.”

“That’s a lot of tying together,” Two Eagles commented. “That eight-pointed star has been a part of our ways since the beginning of time, so we have a thread of the web that connects to all this. Hetch-to, relative. I have a canoe tour to lead, but I’m sure this will give me something to think about while I’m out.” I watched a grin spread across his face. “Hey, I think I have a bead on an old birch bark canoe,” he announced. “That’s part of the old ways; those come from our really old relatives, the Anishinabe, from up around the Great Lakes. You’re related there, too; we both go back to those origins. Maybe that old name tells a story important to you, when you understand its meaning. My grandfather explained that it means ‘people who came from the sky’.”

“It was magical the way all these threads seemed to tie together to tell a unified story and reveal the commonalties between ancient civilizations and, I believe, the Star Nations. The undiscovered secrets of the pyramids, a newly discovered ancient Incan land symbol, and the symbols in the starglyphs contained correlating qualities too striking to be dismissed.”

The winds of magic with the Star Nations would not stop swirling, and a vision of the Great Pyramid and its internal construction returned to me. I heard the chants of ancient ceremonies in the air. The songs of the old people intensified as the pyramid moved closer, expanding to fill the vast scope of my vision. Its edges took on a bright glow, and stars sparkled within it as if to summon the powers of the Cosmos. All that had been uncovered and revealed blew the cosmic winds opening the door to the Universe. A bolt of lightning flashed a massive seven-pointed star through the matrix, and its crossing patterns aligned to the inner construction of the pyramid. As the tips of the star radiated out into the Universe I saw clearly how the Great Pyramid was created from the seven-pointed star.