...‘What I am presenting to you is a true story with only a few changes in the names of some of the people involved. My journey took a different turn when I discovered unique symbols unknown to me, yet familiar. Stepping onto a new path in the heart of the Great Mystery, I began to see that these symbols contained an unrecognized silent language given to all people. That silent language was similar in nature to the language of the many paintings to which I had devoted my life. This book encompasses twelve years of research into those symbols and a wealth of information that has crossed my path.

The symbols of which I speak originated in a special category of crop circles I call starglyphs. Their complex internal geometry takes our known symbols to another level of understanding, adding clarity or giving light to a number of otherwise unexplained questions involving the ancient pyramids of Egypt. In fact, I will share information with you which makes it clear the ancient Egyptians possessed knowledge far greater than archeologists and Egyptologists have ever acknowledged.
It is my belief that the symbols I am about to show you reflect the common thread running through all of Earth’s ancient cultural traditions and, I believe, throughout the great expanse of the Universe. Despite their many apparent differences, in essence all ancient traditions are very much the same. This common thread was what allowed me to make my discoveries and to understand the intention behind the symbols given by the Star Nations.

The truth about the origin of the pyramids is clouded by the many stories and legends that have sprung up over the centuries, ranging from tales of demons to the suggestion that the pyramids were structurally aligned to the earth, stars and the sun. My discoveries address many of the old legends, verifying some and relegating others to the dustbin. The true history of the pyramids — most importantly, the story of their purpose and design — was lost long ago in the winds of the desert, where it has remained hidden for millennia, waiting to be understood once again. It is my hope that as a result of this reading you will find in the subtle revelations of the Star Nations a new appreciation for the intent behind their design and construction.
Here, in narrative format, I attempt to explain what I believe to be the message coming through my discoveries. I am convinced that seven of the symbols gifted from the starglyphs represent highly advanced qualities existing within all humanity, qualities within us that we have forgotten. Now these silent symbols have returned to assist us in remembering those elements and the potential they offer for advancing the evolution of consciousness and our alignment with the Universe, in which we are nearly ready to play a substantially greater role. I call these seven symbols The Seven Fires of the Star Nation People, and provide visual evidence to show how intricate geometric correspondences make it abundantly clear that the crop circles I have identified as starglyphs constitute a highly advanced form of universal communication.

Within the silence of an image can be found a thousand stories. Given that I have always been a vision seeker and visionary artist, I have chosen to enhance the expression of my discoveries by portraying them visually in pictures and drawings in the Legends section at the back of the book. As you read, you will encounter many ‘Seven Fires’ flames, which I use instead of asterisks to alert you to footnotes at the bottom of the page. The footnotes offer a brief explanation of a color plate or pictures and drawings that are found in the Legends section. In many cases, neither the text nor the art can be understood on their own: both are required to receive the entire message.

These pictorial Legends tell a story that shines a light into the darkness. Like the legend of a map, laid out in symbols to clarify directions and gauge the distance between two points on the Earth, the pictorial Legends in this book are meant to add clarity to my ideas so that you may evaluate the conclusions I have drawn based on hundreds of geometric correlations between the starglyphs, the pyramids, and symbols honored by indigenous traditions throughout all time. You may notice that certain pictures do not contain numerical identification or writing. These omissions are intentional, allowing the reader to view the diagrams in an uninterrupted flow, which is more in alignment with a native way of symbolic language.

Just as words are representations of sound, images are representations of sight and color. It has been my intention to bring sound and color together as one to allow these Legends to unfold in a greater way, reflecting the balance of polarities found in the natural order of the Universe.

Good journey.
— Bearcloud, 2009