"I had the privilege to read 7 Fires hot off the press and am on a new path as a result. The truths that are revealed are so compelling. Bearcloud is a great storyteller and a gifted visionary. It is an honor to share in his work." ~ Niki Faldemolaei


"All good books have a few key pieces that stick with you after reading it. As does 7 Fires - many of those moments for me. Yet 7 Fires goes further. It is difficult to pick out key pieces as the entire book is understanding and unfolding the spirit. Bearcloud's book is a must read for anyone wishing to understand the meaning of crop circles, glyphs and the walk of the ancient ones. What this means to all of us today - and the generations forward - takes shape as you read. Bearcloud explains and describes - then allows the reader to walk his or her own road of understanding." ~ Jim Graywolf Petruzzi


"Bearcloud's book 7 Fires shows through the beauty of geometry that the creation of the universe within and without is mathematical. The unseen that lies within the circle is brought to life in a most interesting way. He takes symbology that could be considered complex and makes it easy to understand by bringing what is hidden from the unconscious to the conscious showing the connectedness and importance of every strand in the web of life. Reading this book is a sacred journey, an initiation of spirit." ~ Sharon Pacione


"It is strange how the Universe provides us with the exact information we need in every moment on our path. I have seen this so many times now that I have stopped wondering about it, I just give thanks to it. When I have confidence and trust, everything comes to me at exact the right moment in time and space. Not long before I discovered your book, I asked for help to find the ultimate wisdom of the heart. I am not sure where I found your webpage, I think it must have been in some pages with information on crop circles. What I do know though is that when I saw your book I knew this was for me.

I must say I am a little speechless after reading your book. What an adventure. It must have been very exiting to go on this journey in the worlds of the symbols (the unseen), guided every step of the way to the highest wisdom. Although in the outer world it seems to have taken a lot of time (which it probably have), it is but a wink of an eye in Universal terms. By reading your book, I was allowed to take this journey along with you, and for that I am really thankful. It has been an incredible energy ride in the unseen Worlds. Although it contained a lot of “heavy” information it was easy to read, and I felt I wasn`t able to read fast enough, I wanted to have it all at once. I have always felt connected to both Egypt and especially to Peru, and I have visited the secret sites in both countries twice. These trips changed me in so many ways, and I know I have some work to be done on the Lake Titicaca and in the area around it. I don`t know when this work is to be done, but I know it will come to me when the time is right.
Thank you again for allowing me to participate on your vision quest, and thank you for the time and energy we shared on the way. I sure found the wisdom of the hart. I love your pictures. May your path be filled with love and harmony." ~ Bjørg from Norway