Chapter 13


"The Circles and Squares” Bearcloud goes to find a quiet place along a creek and runs into a long time friend Singing Wind..." | more



Chapter 23


“The Spiritualization of Matter” Bearcloud begins a series of paintings as Raven enters his circle... | more


Chapter 15


“Chameleon Pyramids”
Bearcloud’s first discoveries about the secrets within
the pyramid begin to unfold during a picnic in the forest with a friend, Cat. It led to an incredible array of unfolding symbols found within the pyramids...| more

Chapter 15


“Chameleon Pyramids”
The beginning vision of Bearcloud’s Chameleon Pyramids Vision...| more

Chapter 21


“Seven Leaves, Seven Stars, Seven Doors”
Bearcloud knew how to understand some ancient artifacts discovered in the pyramids in the late 1800’s.
He also felt he saw the excitement the archeologist must have had when the discovery was made... | more


Chapter 26


“Mystics of the Stars”
Just after Bearcloud spoke to his friend
Two Eagles, a pyramid discovery begins
to swirl in his vision...| more