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Why does the top of Egypt’s Bent Pyramid slope at a different angle from its lower walls? What is the significance of the drop in the walkway of the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid? How can we explain pyramid “passageways” that go nowhere?

And… why would these and other ancient secrets of Egypt’s ancient pyramids be revealed in the late 20th century to a Native American who had never given any thought at all to Egyptology?


After years of intuitive visioning and on-site research, Bearcloud, a Ni-U-kon-ska visionary artist and owner of two galleries in Sedona, Arizona, continues to puzzle over that question. ‘7 Fires’ is the enthralling story of a series of mind-boggling events that began to unfold some 25 years ago with a vision of an unusual stone symbol that took him to a particular mountain in Arizona… and back thousands of years into the prehistoric symbols of his own ancestors.


Haunted by the implications of that stone symbol, he was stunned to see it reappear, years later, on a magazine cover depicting a photo of a mysterious circle laid down in a field in England. Thus began a research project that would send Bearcloud to England, Egypt, and South America to uncover and document an intricate web of answers to conundrums that have forever stumped pyramid researchers.


His discoveries indelibly link the design of the pyramids to ancient indigenous symbols found all over the world and to a star language of which modern scholars are woefully ignorant.

Bearcloud happens to be a longtime friend from my years in Sedona, and I had the honor of working with him on this book. That said, what you’re reading here is not an impartial review. At the same time, I can offer you assurances I couldn't offer if I didn't know him so well: I can assure you that he is a wise and profoundly authentic man, a man deeply committed to a higher truth. He is perhaps the most balanced human being I know – a man who has learned to trust his visions, to probe in search of further revelation; still and all, he is detail-oriented and a realist, and you will find his claims borne out by a hundred or so meticulously detailed full-color geometric drawings in the beautiful “Legends” section at the back of the book.


From beginning to end, this first edition of ‘7 Fires’ is a collector’s dream. The hardbound book is a work of art, complete with representations of several of Bearcloud’s inimitable spirit paintings; I cannot believe he’s making it available at this price. The posters are exquisite and precise, the DVD fascinating, and the cardboard slipcase makes this a unique, gorgeous package.

— Chiwah Carol Slater ~